December 16th, 2012

I want private message system for max. $4

php pm script

I need someone to finish Private Message System. Some files are already made but it must be checked and some files need to be finished. I think one week is enough to finish it. my needs: make php script functional, emptyinbox.php is empty, the same as userlist.php and sendmessage.php. I would like that this PM system has server gpg encryption of messages but it is not so important, if it is too big job for 4 dollars, you don't need to do it. I could find PM script for free at internet, open source, but it is without encryption and without possibility to delete messages in inbox. therefore I want that someone make this script for me and I will pay 4 bucks. design and many files are already there, you need to finish php files and check the code for possible errors. example of server gpg encryption of messages: they must have some code for gpg encryption in their source code. bye draminsky

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