December 20th, 2012

I want edit linux iso image and change settings for max. $4

iso edit linux tails

Hi, I need someone to extract Tails linux iso image and to change settings and to make again iso image which can be burnt to CD/DVD so I can get linux settings as I want i.e. I will not need to change settings every time I boot linux. Panel should be at bottom. /etc/tor/torrc file (you should add there ExcludeNodes, I will give you all nicknames of servers to be excluded) Iceweasel settings (edit-preferences-content java script should be disabled by default, in Privacy tab it should be checked Tell websites I don't want to be tracked, Always use private browsing mode, Location bar ”history” should be Nothing, nothing should be saved, in Security tab remmeber passwords for sites should be disabled/unchecked). Iceweasel NoScript addon, Script globally allowed should be disabled, in Embeddings tab everything should be checked, the same in Appearance tab, all the rest should stay as it is). In iceweasel bookmarks should be added several sites, you will get links from me.

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