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Professional graphic designer. marketing, social and adverting with great traffic.Great service for business.

I will sell you 6x banners packages for $5

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Advertise your website with customized web banners you can personalize with various colors,text,fonts and images.


In this package is 72 pieces this banners.


                            Banners come in pre-made, ready to use form, as well as in PSD files so you can edit them.


Banners are in following sizes:

  • 120x240

  • 120x600

  • 125x125

  • 160x600

  • 200x200

  • 250x250 

  • 300x50

  • 300x250

  • 336x280

  • 468x60

  • 728x90


Banner package-1


Banner package-2


Banner package-3


Banner package-4


Banner package-5


Banner package-6





Daily visitors for whole month to your website/blog  

This is NOT fake visitors, all real human visitors.

Most webmasters or blogmasters suffer in the same problem and that is website traffic.

We can solve this problem for you. We will send you 400-600 daily search visitors ( 30 days ) to your blog/website. 

You may receive sales or opt-ins but they CANNOT be guaranteed. We, naturally, cannot control visitors actions.  


  • Real visitors will be driven to your website.  
  • USA,Europe Visitors, Some Worldwide visits are possible which we do not control  
  • 400-600+ guaranteed daily visits, great web traffic.  
  • Direct Visits from Real people  
  • CPA, affiliations, landing pages, blogs, everything welcome!  
  • Increase your Alexa Ranking 



 When choosing targeted traffic, choose among the following categories : 


  • A

Advertising Media Agriculture Alternative Medicine Animals Antiques Arts 

Associations Astronomy Auctions Auto Loans Auto Parts Auto Rental 

Automotive-After Market Automotive-Fuel Autos 

  • B

Babies Banking Bathroom  Beauty Bicycles Birthdays Blogs Boats Books 

Building Business


  • C

Camping Candy and Confectionary Charity Children Products Christian Religion

Clipart Clocks and Watches Clothes Clothing - Childrens Collectibles Comics

Computer - Mac Computer - PC Computer - Sales Computer Advice

Computer Memory Computer Peripherals Computer Programming Computer Related

Computer Software Computer Virus Consumer Electronics Cooking

Cosmetics and Perfume Costumes and Uniforms Counseling Crafts and Craft Making

Credit Cards Credit Repair


  • D

Dance Debt Consolidation Dentistry Diet Domain Names


  • E

E-Books Ecology Education Employment Entertainment 

Environment Exhibitions and Conventions Eye Care Eye Care and Eye Wear


  • F

Fabrics Family Farming Fashion Fashion for Men Fashion for Women

Finance Fishing Fitness Flights Flooring Flowers Food and Beverage

Forex Forums Free Stuff Friends and People Furniture


  • G

Games Games for Consoles Games for PC Gardening Genealogy

Geography Gifts Golf Government Green Green Energy Green Jobs


  • H

Hair Handbags Health Health For Men Health For Women Health Insurance

High Tech History Hobbies Home Business Home Electronics 

Home Furnishings Home Improvement Home Owners Horoscopes and Astrology 

Horses Hotels Humor and Fun


  • I

Income Opportunities Industry Information Insurance Insurance and Banking

Insurance-Vehicles Internet Services Investment


  • J

Jewelry Jobs and Career Counselling


  • K

Kids Activities Kitchen


  • L

Language Law and Law Enforcement Legal Legal Advice 

Liquor and Alcohol LoansLoans - Auto Loans - Personal


  • M

Magazines Maps Marketing for Internet Marketing non-Internet

Media Medical Services Medicines Miscellaneous MLM

Mobile/Cellular Phones Money Making Mortgages Motorcycles

Movies and Films Music/MP3 Musical Instruments


  • N

Nature and Animals News Nutrition


  • O

Office Supplies Organizations


  • P

Parents Personal Advice Personal Computers Personal Homepage

Personal Hygiene Pest Control Pets Photography Posters

Printers and Supplies Property (Commercial) Property (Residential)


  • R

Real Estate Religion


  • S

Safety and Security Sales Science Self help Seniors and Retirement

Services Shoes and Foot Products Shopping Skateboards

Smoking and Tobacco Products Social Media Software Sports



  • T

Tattoos Tax Tea and Coffee Telephones and Service 

Television and Satellite TV Therapy Tickets Toys Training 

Transportation Travel and Tourism Trivia


  • V


  • W

Web Design Web Hosting Web Resources Webcams 

Webmasters Wedding/Marriage


  • Y

YouTube related





How does my website get web traffic? 

We are bound to provide web traffic with the help of the online inventories of website applications and expired domain names. So you will experience a heavy flow of web traffic that enhances your sales sector. We designed our network in such a way to attract the attention of about 1 million distinct visitors and about 6 million page impressions too.

Will you able to provide targeted niche traffic?

Of course yes. We send the web traffic from the niche category you have chosen. We can select from more then 130 niches to provide visitors just for your business.  

Why do you offer the package at low price? 

There you are. It is just because we deal with an extensive number of customers. When customers are high, the prices will be slashed down.

What is the source of your traffic?

We get the authentic web traffic from the online website applications and expired domain names also we can manage all the visitors to visit your website. Traffic coming to our expired domain names is redirected to our clients’ websites with the sites loading in full page iframes. 

Do you provide fake traffic to my website?

We are here to send the real visitors. We don’t own any programs to send fake visitors to your website. This is where we are different from the rest of the web traffic providers. 

Will I get into spam methods or do you follow spam? 

No. We are not in a way to propose spam to your business and there is no need to worry about that. We forward real visitors to your website and trust us we are not here to make any spam. 

After submitting my order, what are the steps you are going to take? 

We will deliver your order within 4 to 8 hours and also send you tracking link where you can monitor the status of traffic delivery . Our team will come in touch with you if we find any issues in delivering your order. How will you confirm that you have delivered my order? Before the package expires we will send you the full report on delivery website traffic.


Websites That Are Not Accepted  Any website / URLs that has any of the following are not permitted     

*Websites with illegal, racist, or hateful content.   

*Phishing URLs, Trojans, Adwares, Malware, etc.   

*Iframes that redirect to malicious websites.   

*Frame breaking scripts.   

*(1 allowed on Pop-Up Traffic).   

*No Stumble Upon Links.   

*Sites with clicksor ads.   

*Blank landing pages.​ 






Whether you are a blogger, web marketer or a webmaster, sooner or later you’re going to need graphics. Personally I’ve outsourced this kind of stuff stuff for years, this however is always accompanied by delays, costs & aggravations.

When we need graphics we need them fast & we often miss opportunities waiting for third parties. The solution is simple: use ready made/editable designs & do it yourself or even teach someone you trust to do this for you … The difference between success & failure after all is better process control, taking action & limiting risks!

This is no ordinary graphics product, we haven’t bloated this pack to create an illusion of value, it’s only the good stuff, these are the same graphics we use ourselves & there’s a few gems for you that you don’t want to miss like the sales page heading text styles that we used on our top selling product launches! Sooner or later you’re going to need one or several of these graphics so take a look & see what you think. You should find the quality & value impressive.




In this amazing graphics package you will receive a massive collection of graphics and templates that you can use in your graphic designs, websites, facebook pages, youtube channels, newsletters, blogs, print materials, videos and more.  

  • Header graphics- pre-made templates for the head of your website

  • Web icons - All the usual icons like trash cans, check marks, caution signs, bullets, underlines, highlights, etc.

  • Facebook Cover Images - Templates for awesome Facebook Page Covers

  • Call-To-Action Buttons - Pre-made buttons that say 'buy now', 'order now', and you can add your own text!

  • Marketing Banners - templates for online banner ads

  • Price Tags - Slick-looking price tag graphics for sales, etc.

  • User-interface Elements - Buttons, sliders, dials, etc.

  • Vintage Badges

  • Seamless Patterns 

  • Web Boxes - Fancy boxes for your website that you can add text to

  • Mobile App Icons - iPhone-style app buttons

  • 3D Arrows - A collection of 3D arrow graphics

  • Man holding money - A collection of graphics of a guy holding s dollar sign, euro sign and pound sign

  • and much more...

​​Most graphics come in pre-made, ready to use form, as well as in PSD files so you can edit them.