Published: February 07TH, 2017

I will I will create you pinterest boards and moodboards for $5

pinterest moodboard visualboard corkboard design display

Wanting a way to showcase your dream wedding with your bridesmaids and best friends? Or planning the perfect way to decorate your new student pad? Are you struggling to select 'pink and black' motifs for a bachelorette party? Or simply struggling to promote your new business venture? Struggle no more! Allow me to help you create a pinterest board or moodboard, designed to bring those creative ideas and projects to life.

But how? 

Send me all your ideas, from your favourite colours, to the style of event you want to create, your brainstorm of your business plan; photos, videos, gifs & music that inspire your imagination. I will create you a colourful, (or monochrome if that's your preference) moodboard or find the perfect pins for your pinterest board. Soon everyone will know you want to get married on the beach with beautiful hues of turquoise and teal. Or that your new coffee shop is all about jazz and the best modern classics. Sure to generate that much needed buzz that right now is stuck inside your head!

Simply let me know whether you want a moodboard or pinterest board to get started today. 

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