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I am System Administrator with more than 10 years experience. Currently I am working for one of the biggest webhosting companies located in US. I\'d like to help you in my free time. :)

Every day we are receving many compliants for phishing content or malicious software which affect our datacenter and other networks/users for which the site 
owner doesn't know anything. Thus I will perform deeper security scan on your website, then I will clean it if it have virus, trojan, malicious code. Also I will 
help you if your website was been compromised. the tools which I'm using are written by me on bash and perl, thus root access is necessary for best results. 
According to server scan and secuity check the extras below.

Every day we received few support tickets for slow load for a site. Did you have in mind, your MySQL querry is not properly written, your server is slow, you have a large object/script, you have an external source which affect your site's load time? Let me perform deeper diagnostic scan on your website whether is working properly. This includes:

a. site speed
b. number of loaded objects
c. loading time of these objects
d. full analyzing of the server environment wheter is properly set up for the correct work of your website site.
e. virus, trojans, mallicoius code, phishing content - see the additional services below.
f. I will provide you with full report.
Note, I do not provide code related services.

One of the most important things for google is the loading speed of your website, thus we will decrease the load time drastically. Note, we can do that only if you have full root privileges (VPS, cloud, dedicated server) currently we are working only with linux servers. This operation includes, compiling and installing of few modules, additional software.

I will professionally migrate your website to another host. which includes website migration, database migration, additional files migration. if you need your domain or SSL migrated as well, please contact me and check the additional extras below. This gig is only cpanel to cpanel migration, if you are using another hosting, the migration will be manually , thus check the extras below.

We will provide you external backup solution for your hosting account. currently we are working with linux cpanel servers. For $4 per month you will receive 2.5GB backup storage, and we will set up the backup software into your server completely free of charge. Backups will be set to run as per your needs. If you need more then the provided space, you should purchase another gig.