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I have a awesome growing twitter following of about 180,000 loyal, goal driven, SELECT, mostly REAL interactive people. For $4 I'll tweet to them about your cool WEBSITE, BUSINESS, MUSIC, TECH, FASHION, JEWELRY and more--whatever you want that's legal, and non offensive! Networking is the fastest, least expensive way to get your product seen! Just let me know what you need :)

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Social media sights like twitter are a great way to get attention! Fourerr HELPS you reach thousands of people for the least cost, by facilitating a means of getting your message out! For $4 I WILL POST YOUR AD TO MY 180, 000 FOLLOWERS (6 different twitter IDs) to let them know about the service, product, business, website, music or whatever you are promoting. Must be legal!  No racist, discriminitory or clickbank ads will be  accepted.  I'll post your message one time in under 24 hours, and send a link to my page as proof of submission!
*** Please note: MUST BE YOUR AD, you write it.