Published: November 06TH, 2013

I will donate four coloring books to childrens hospitals for $4

childrens hospital donations

Today, there are millions of children in hospitals battling diseases such as cancer and other life threatening diseases or birth defects. Sometimes these children spend hours in the unit each day. Being in the hospital is no fun at all, a coloring book can not only put a smile on a child's face but can also lessen the burden of the staff by keeping the child occupied while treating illnesses. A coloring book can really help a child through their medical challenges, it seems like a very simple thing but it makes such a huge difference. It is also a great way in meeting developmental, psychosocial, emotional and educational needs of the children. My goal is to collect 1,000 coloring books and crayons to donate to children's hospitals. Any amount of monetary donation will help me achieve my goal, $2 can buy a coloring book and/or crayons and bring a smile to a single child's face. If I put a smile on one child's face I've succeeded.

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